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Sifu Ken Marx has been a teacher & practitioner 35 years. He has taught all kinds of students from youth to elderly, abled to disabled and is exceptional at making the health benefits of Tai Chi & Chi Kung work for you and your condition

Testimonial 02/10/15 (brain tumor was removed, had balance issues)
  Hi Ken,
Thanks again for the private lesson.
 I've been walking full/empty, and my usual limp favoring my right leg has vanished. I'll try to maintain it.
On Meditation (enlightenment)- Eckhart Toll-
 "You can die to the ego, and live that state of perfect love, while you are here." 

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Some health benefits of Tai Chi/Qi Kung are: 1) Boosts immune system resistance to viral infections by 50%, 2) reduces anxiety, depression mood disturbances, 3) Treats and prevents heart disease, 4) Lowers high blood pressure, 5) Reduces insomnia & sleep disorders, 6) Improves balance twice as effectively as other therapies & increases mobility, 7) Reduces asthma & improves breathing capacity, 8) Treats attention deficit & hyperactivity disorders, 9) Treats arthritis including rheumatoid arthritis, 10) Improves bone density, 11) Improves motor skills in Parkinson's patients, 12) Lessens effects of Alzheimer's , 13) Reduces chronic pain conditions, 14) Improves digestion
Tai Chi is a grounding, calming, centering art combining mind, body, & spirit in its execution. It is a moving meditation, originally developed as a martial art form.  
Below are photos of World Tai Chi Day - Old School Square - 2013
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